Thread seal tapes


Thread seal tapes
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PTFE thread seal tapes are used for sealing pipe thread joints for all types of mediums (pH 0–14) in the temperature range from -80°C to +300°C.


  • 1" width 25mm, thickness 0.2mm in a 15m roll
  • 3/4" width 19mm, thickness 0.2mm in a 15m roll
  • 1/2" AT width 12mm, thickness 0.1mm in a 12m roll (AT – A test for gases)
  • 1/2" width 12mm, thickness 0.076mm in a 12m roll


Patented sealing cord from 100% PTFE (Teflon) for sealing threads of metal and plastic pipes.


  • Harmless material without a limitation of shelf-life
  • Resistant to becoming infested with fungal and bacterial growth, enzymes and microorganisms
  • Stable, but soft through its entire life span
  • No effect on liquids in the pipes
  • No need for additional sealing additives


Benefits of use:

  • Replaces other seals and sealing tapes
  • Easier and faster mounting
  • Low costs and maximum durability
  • It is simply wrapped around the threads
  • Application directly from the reel
  • Unused cord stays protected from dirt and dust in the reel



  • packed in handy 175m reels with the liquid for application
  • in boxes of 25 reels



  • DIN-DVGW for gas and water according to EN751-3FRp and DIN 30660 (NV-5143BP0261)
  • DIN-DVGW tested and approved for adjustment of pipes of up to 45°
  • DVGW tested and approved for pressures of up to 100 bar according to the EN751-3 testing protocol (tested at 23°C)
  • TZW tested and approved for hot and cold water according to the recommendations of the German Ministry of Health
  • BAM tested and approved for use with liquid oxygen at 30 bar and 100°C (without the liquid for application)
  • WRAS – listed in the U.K. Water Regulations Advisory for use with cold and hot water (Ref.0212515)
  • ASTM F423 – passed cyclic test: steam – cold water
  • On the list of UL sealing materials 19BN (MH26734) under the systems for handling fuels, petroleum, oil, propane, butane, benzene, paraffin and natural gas (up to 300psig).